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Accept Credit Cards, No Credit Checks Guarantee Approval!

Now you can start accepting credit cards, visa, mastercard, and discover. No credit checks, no deposit, no equipment fees, purchase or rentals! Our service allows you to get started for half the price most banks will start you at. If you do tradeshow, you need us! No need to lugg around that credit card swipe machine and be charged a fee to use a phone line! All you need to do is call us for your approval! Its just that simple! Good for New Business, Tradshow Merchants, retail business, home-based business! CALL 1.317.731.6846 AND GET YOUR CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE ACCESS TODAY OR Visit WWW.INVESTAFUNDS.COM

Intuit® GoPayment – Accept credit card payment on your mobile phone

Get paid on the spot the moment the job is done with Intuit GoPayment. Process credit card transactions on your mobile phone and know that you’ve been paid when you leave a job site. No more processing checks or chasing invoice payment. Get paid. Move on. v2 upload (clearer images).

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Accept Credit Cards and Watch Your Restaurant Business Bloom

Do you own a restaurant that doesn’t accept credit cards? It’s time to change that. Any successful restaurateur will tell you that credit card payments are a must if you want your restaurant to succeed. Here’s the lowdown: Accept credit cards and watch your business bloom. If you’re not sure how to go about making this upgrade, simply read this information, and you’ll be well on your way to happier customers and increased revenue.

Whether they’re ordering tacos at the drive-through window or filet mignon at a luxury steakhouse, customers love convenience. When it comes to paying for their meals, nothing’s more convenient than the quick swipe of a credit card. Servers will tell you their tips suffer when they have to run back and forth across the restaurant to present the bill, accept cash, get change, return the change and hope for the best.If they aren’t able to perform this exercise with lightning speed, they leave with less money. Eventually, they also leave your restaurant for one that provides greater revenue potential.

Clearly, to secure the best environment for both your customers and staff, you need a payment processing system that works. Unquestionably, that system must involve credit card acceptance. When you accept credit cards via advanced processing equipment and top-notch providers, your staff can focus on what’s most important: customer service. Remember, just because you accept credit cards doesn’t mean it will be an easy process. When you insist on a quality payment processing service, you can take comfort in knowing your business is running at peak performance.

Which credit card processing system will you choose to suit the needs of your restaurant? This is much more than about simply accepting credit cards. It’s a big world out there, and payment methods are growing like crazy. Gone are the days of a simple swipe of the credit card. Now, there are debit cards, check cards, pre-paid credit cards, gift cards… even electronic check acceptance – yes, check acceptance at restaurants. It’s happening more and more every day. Your customers aren’t just hungry for your delicious meals, they’re hungry for convenience. If that means the latest payment method, then you’d be wise to accept that method, or they’ll be sampling another chef’s cuisine.

In order to maximize sales and minimize hassle, it’s important for restaurateurs to select premium payment processing services that offer the most up-to-date features, including:

The ability to include tips after transactions are authorized.

Providing customers with the convenience of keeping a running tab

Making it possible to split single bills into payments from multiple credit card sources

Tracking all transactions individually

Merging bar and meal tabs into one convenient bill

Efficient, accurate billing for take-out purchases and deliveries with wireless terminals

In a full-service restaurant, customer service is the first order of business. Sure, the food has to be excellent, as well, but it’s uncommon for a restaurant with great food and horrible service to do very well for very long. In a full-service restaurant, it’s the whole enchilada or nothing. Customers frequently recommend full-service restaurants with great customer service. To make sure yours is the best in the biz, you need a full-service payment processing company by your side.

Whether you’re serving a several-course meal, or the messiest barbecue this side of Texas, your customers need to feel as if their time and business is valued. Process their payment quickly, and you’re likely to see them again.

In quick serve restaurants, the sooner, the better. If your burgers are ready well before the bill is, you can safely expect those burgers to get cold rather quickly. If customers can’t zip in and out of your quick serve restaurant, prepare to throw in your chef’s hat.

This is a business where you should unquestionably offer credit card processing with instant approval. This is the lightning-fast method that allows you to pay without even providing a signature. These customers want to be in and out, because those burgers smell too temptingly good to wait around any longer than absolutely necessary.

Although there are several other types of restaurants, these are the broad ends of the spectrum in the restaurant industry. Yours might fall somewhere in between, but this gives you a better idea of what kind of payment processing methods might work best for your business.

That’s the long and the short of payment processing for your restaurant. Yes, it really is that simple. Ready to take your establishment to the next level? Premium credit card processing systems are selling like, well, hotcakes.

Andrew Kilmeade is a freelance writer who writes about a range of topics including small business that accept credit cards


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Are You Ready to Accept Credit Card Payments Online?

In todays society, a lot of people decided to carry a very small amount of cash or none. Any shops that doesn’t accept credit cards is potentially losing customers. Many merchants understand that by accepting credit cards for sales transactions, it will gives their customer another choice in payment besides cash.

A few years back there were just a handful of shops that would accept credit card payments such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX etc but nowadays you will definitely find that most of the shops worldwide can accept credit cards. Now, the evolution of internet took credit card industry into a new turn and up came ecommerce and online store.

Due to this situation, came fraudsters. These fraudsters use various techniques to commit credit card related fraud. Most of them disguise themselves as online merchants who accept credit cards as mode of payment in their “so-called” online store. By doing that, they can obtain credit card details easily. Other than that, they are also irresponsible people who work at merchant shops cloning or just copy critical information from the customer’s credit cards. Then there are also tech-savvy fraudsters who use computer as a tool for them to spy on the people who use their credit cards for online payments. They will be able to capture their credit card information from online transactions made and transmitted to them.

As a fully PCI Compliant IPSP/MSP/ISO to numerous banks worldwide with a dominant presence in the Asia Pacific region for more than 5 years, iPayDNA provides online payment processing solutions for internet merchants to process credit card payments. Equipped with high level of fraud and risk management tools, iPayDNA merchant account and payment gateway helps a lot of merchants and service providers to accept credit cards and fight fraudsters from gaining access to the credit cards transactions illegally.

Protect yourself from these fraudsters and scammers by following this simple safety tips;

Try not to let your credit card out of your sight whenever you use it, and make sure you get it back as quickly as possible.
Be very careful to whom you give your credit card. Don’t give out your account number over the phone unless you initiate the call and you know the company is reputable. Never give your credit card info out when you receive a phone call. (For example, if you’re told there has been a ‘computer problem’ and the caller needs you to verify information). Legitimate companies don’t call you to ask for a credit card number over the phone.
Never respond to emails that request you provide your credit card info via email or to website which verify personal (and credit card) information. These are all ‘phishing’ scams.
Never transact on a non-secure site, check if the site has “https” on their URL.
Sign your credit cards as soon as you receive them.
Don’t write your PIN number on your credit card.
Never leave your credit cards or receipts lying around.
Keep a list in a secure place with all of your account numbers and expiration dates, as well as the phone number and address of each bank that has issued you a credit card. Keep this list updated each time you get a new credit card.
Not to carry around extra credit cards that you rarely use.
Check you credit card statement, reconcile it monthly. Save your receipts so you can compare them with your monthly statement.
If you find any charges that you don’t have a receipt for – or that you don’t recognize – report these charges promptly (and in writing) to the credit card issuer.
Never lend a credit card to anyone else.

Marketing Executive in iPayDNA International Ltd. (, a fully PCI Compliant IPSP/MSP/ISO to provide payment gateway and merchant account for worldwide merchants, with a dominant presence in the Asia Pacific region for more than 5 years.

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The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards

We may be nearing that time when all transactions are processed through the use of that ever useful material called plastic. Name it, your automated teller machine uses plastic in the form of ATM cards; drivers’ licenses are made of plastic; most hotels have plastic keys and the most important example without which most Americans would not survive-credit cards made of plastic.

The modern way of doing business has made credit cards a must-have for every person. More and more establishments are going for credit cards and are no longer accepting cash payments.

Using credit cards both to accept payments and to pay purchases is the common and practical choice for most people because of the safety and convenience offered by credit cards. Unlike cash payments, credit card payments could not be the subject of holdups or robbery, except perhaps if the robbers are plastic collectors.

Aside from being used as a substitute for money in actual shops, credit card is widely used in internet or web-based shops to hasten online transactions. So why should an ordinary citizen opt for credit cards in paying for his ordinary purchases? And why should establishments accept credit cards from their customers?

Ordinary citizens can benefit from using credit cards provided they know how to use their credit cards wisely. As cash substitutes, credit cards can be used by people to purchase goods on credit. These plastics are a valuable tool for people who may not have enough cash to purchase necessary items or highly-priced items. By using credit cards, they can buy highly-priced items on installment basis. It is also one of the most efficient ways of making sure that they can exchange their purchases for the same or other items subject to certain rules.

On the other hand, even small businesses can benefit from accepting credit cards as payments. By allowing clients to purchase items through credit cards, the shops are encouraging customers to make outright purchases. Most people do not carry cash so it is more convenient for them if the shops they go to accept credit card payments. Imagine the amount of sales that could be lost just because you do not accept credit card payments when it is the only way the client is able to pay for his purchases.

The use of credit cards makes it easy for shops to cash in on impulse buyers who can easily swipe their cards without thinking of the costs involved. It also serves as a guarantee for shop owners that the purchases will be paid, as compared to accepting personal checks from buyers.

However, shops must first have a merchant status or accredited by the credit card companies before thy can accept credit card payments. This can be easily done by calling up companies like American Express and filling out some forms.

For more common cards like Visa, shop owners have to set up a merchant account with a Visa affiliate bank. While banks do not really have a capital or earnings limit before approving a merchant store, they do however look into the length of time that the business has been operational. New businesses can still apply and be approved but they have to look for banks that are less strict on this requirement.

The process of getting merchant accreditation may be a little complicated but establishments that really want to get that credit card market should give it a try.

Michael Contaro has built a web site about Accepting Credit Cards will help increase your sales. To read more click on Merchant Accounts

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Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone 3G/3GS

Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone 3G/3GS

  • The quick and easy way to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere using your iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Low-profile, soft-touch case allows you to process any major credit card by swiping along the bottom of the case
  • Works with free Intuit GoPayment iPhone app; low monthly service fees
  • Credit card data is immediately encrypted once the card is scanned via your iPhone; you’ll get authorization in seconds
  • Digital signatures; e-mail or text message receipts; sync account information with QuickBooks

With Intuit GoPayment and the mophie marketplace complete credit card solution, you have everything you need to securely process credit card payments on your iPhone 3G and 3GS.With Intuit GoPayment and the mophie Marketplace credit card reader, you have everything you need to securely process credit card payments on your iPhone. It’s simple to get started. Get started in as few as 15 minutes, and begin accepting all major credit cards on your iPhone so you can get paid on the spot.


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Accept Credit Cards Or Lose Business

Since the advent of the Internet, the dynamics of business have changed. Today’s companies put forth as much effort to create websites that facilitate business as they do to run the company itself. If your business isn’t online, you are at a disadvantage.

Having a website enables you to reach a wider audience and far more potential customers. You may be familiar with the “rules” for a business website:

-Be professional
-Be accessible
-Look good
-Include sharp, error-free copy
-Don’t clutter
-Don’t spam
-Offer reasons for repeat visits
-Publish a newsletter or blog

However, there is another unspoken caveat that’s becoming more essential than ever: If you sell online, you must accept credit cards.

Many of today’s Internet consumers are used to the ease and convenience of paying with credit cards online. For these ‘net-savvy buyers, the inability to pay with a credit card is a deal-breaker. They don’t want to bother writing out a check or a money order and mailing it to destinations unknown, then waiting six to eight weeks for their purchase. Instant is in, and the more purchase options you can offer, the more buyers you will get.

When e-commerce first took off, there were several security concerns among consumers and businesses alike. Scams and cyber-crime made buyers wary of entrusting their credit cards and bank account numbers to websites. Now, more people are buying online than ever before, and improved security and encryption processes are keeping financial information safe.

If your website does not accept credit cards, you could be missing out on a huge amount of business. What are you waiting for?

The benefits of accepting credit cards and other forms of electronic payment online are numerous, while the disadvantages are few. Even small, local businesses can benefit by accepting credit cards online. What makes virtual plastic such a powerful method of doing business?

Everybody’s Doing It

Credit cards are an almost universally accepted form of payment. No matter where you are in the world, you can get by with a credit card. This is one of the reasons they’re so popular online: they’re everywhere (just ask Visa). Even those who don’t qualify for a credit card can get a checking account debit card that works the same way.

Like any other phenomenon, the more people jump on the credit card bandwagon, the more interest it generates for everyone else.

Buyers have them

The majority of people who make online purchases have credit cards, and they aren’t afraid to use them. According to AC Nielsen, as of October 2005, a whopping 59 percent of online purchases were made with credit cards, while an additional 23 percent were made through bank transfers. In total, 82 percent of online buyers used an electronic payment system to make their purchases.

Merchants accept them

Most online merchants now accept credit cards, through one of various methods available to them. In fact, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a website that sells products or services and does not offer a credit card option.

What does this mean to you? If you don’t accept credit cards, many buyers will be reluctant to make a purchase from you. They’ll look for another merchant with similar products or services who does accept credit cards – your competition. You will lose business.

From Canada to China

Another benefit to accepting credit cards is automatic currency conversion. If your website offers products or services that can be purchased around the world, you don’t have to worry about how many rupees or Yen are in a dollar. A good credit card system will automatically convert the amount. This is an advantage for your customers as well, as they won’t have to try and figure out how much it will cost them.

Phil de Fontenay runs a successful online information business, Rapid Response Information. For more information on Accepting Credit Cards Click Here

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