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Guidelines Regarding Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Guidelines Regarding Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

When selling on internet, an online trader needs to have the service of credit card processing to facilitate it’s customers with easy online payment and to support the growth of its business. Credit card processing is helps to lure customers whether you have a land based store or an online website. Ecommerce supports the status and expansion of trade, but before you begin with an online merchant account there are things to keep in mind and rules to be followed

Ecommerce is any trade being done via internet and to successfully manage such online trade there are guidelines to be followed such as:

– Pick and choose a good merchant account
– Make things simple and safe for customers or visitors
– Make transactions fraud free for your website

While these may sound simple steps towards a successful and uprising ecommerce via credit card processing, fact is that from opening a merchant account to doing a deal a trader needs to have a clear picture of what he or she wants.

Before going in to the detail of these steps you need to know the importance of credit card processing in an ecommerce. When you open up a website to sell your products you face visitors or buyers on your site. These visitors surf and decide to purchase your service, but when they find absence of any online payment mode or credit card processing they turn towards other sites offering them the facility of easy online purchasing. Thus, with credit card processing (which requires a merchant account) you get to serve your customers with trouble-free money transaction, as well as get to increase your sale and ranking.

For beginning with a credit card processing you need a merchant account which affiliates a trader with permission to accept credit card payments and transactions, but before you choose one take care of the conditions and the fees. Following are some of the common fee terms you may come across when dealing with a merchant account:

– Discount rate
– Qualified discount rate
– Mid qualified discount rate
– Monthly minimum charges
– Transaction fee
– Chargeback charges
– Programming fee
– Cancellation fee

It is advisable that you understand each one of the above charges and any further terms to avoid any future trouble when dealing ecommerce trading.

Now that you have chosen and begun with a desirable merchant account for your credit card processing, you need to take care of things to be done in order to please your customers and provide them with safe and contented experience. Provide your customers with safe ‘web server’ and SSL (secure socket layering) facilitated encrypted data. Make your shopping cart navigation simple and easy to discourage any complication for a novice net user. Never use big or posh words, as it can confuse some visitors who may not be vocabulary friendly. The key towards making your ecommerce credit card processing a success is, make your check in and checkout process simple and provide clear information on the stocks available.

Lastly, you may be doing everything to please your customers but do not forget to make your ecommerce a scam/fraud free. Always use the facility of AVS (address verification service) and carefully scan the order details. Make sure you call the customer once to cross check the order and shipment address.

Ecommerce credit card processing is a benefit if taken care of the important guidelines and course of action required for trouble free transaction. Provides Expert opinions and reviews to help you Compare and apply for credit cards and sign up for merchant credit card processing services with – Unraveling the best in Credit Cards.

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How To Choose A Credit Card Processing Provider

How To Choose A Credit Card Processing Provider

In order to accept credit cards either online or through your physical storefront, one of the things you are going to need is an account with a credit card processing provider. A Credit Card Processing Provider is a company that manages the interface between your credit card terminal or shopping cart software and the Visa/Master network.

Since you are paying a portion of each credit card transaction to your credit card processing provider, it is important that you fully understand the services that your provider offers and how much you are going to pay for these services.

The rate that you will be charged depends upon many factors including the type of product or service you sell and the amount of the average sales transaction. Using this information you can shop around to find a credit card processing provider that offers you the best value for the least money.

For example, if you sell mostly high-ticket items you may be better off finding a provider that will offer you a higher flat-rate transaction fee and a lower discount rate. It may be better for you to pay as much as a .00 per-transaction fee when combined with a lower discount if your profit margin can handle it. On the other hand, if you sell a lot of low-priced items, you are better off finding a provider that offers a very low per-transaction fee and a discount rate somewhere in the area of 2.5% or less.

Be Prepared To Pay A Penalty For Poor Credit

If your personal or business credit is below par, you are not going to be able to negotiate much in the way of processing and transaction fees. If that’s the case, look for credit card processing providers that work with people who are in your particular credit situation. But don’t go with the first one that makes you an offer. Even though you may not be able to negotiate, you can still shop around for the best deal.

Look For Technical Integration Issues

Your online ordering software needs to be able to communicate seamlessly with your credit card processing provider’s software through a program that is known as a “Gateway.” Not all providers offer gateways that are compatible with all shopping carts. Make sure that yours is.

Evaluate Your “Risk”

There are a number of credit card processing providers that will not do business with start-up companies or companies that serve certain markets such as the Adult Entertainment or Gambling industry.

Be prepared to pay higher fees if you are in those industries and be prepared to spend some time finding a credit card processing provider that is willing to serve you. The best way to find one that serves your industry is to check your competitors’ sites and see which providers they are using.

Do You Need International Processing?

If your business has a global presence that requires you to handle credit card transactions from outside of your home country, you are going to need an international credit card provider.

Some merchants choose one provider for their domestic transactions and another for their international transactions since the fees are usually higher when the customer is from another country.

Your best advice is to shop around, read the contract carefully and completely before signing, and have your attorney and accountant review all of the paperwork before you commit. That way you’ll know for sure what you are agreeing to and you’ll have a much better chance of running a profitable business when you can control your credit card processing costs.

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