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Government Authorized Sources For The Free Annual Credit Report

These days, getting your annual credit report does not need to be a hassle.

There is no need to deal with banks or expensive credit agencies. In fact, there are many sources for free online credit reports that are approved by the government.

Aurora Lillo Editor of the “Get MY Credit Report” website — — pointed out;


“…Websites such as,,, and others provide access to your credit scores online in a matter of minutes…”

If you are concerned about your credit rating, simply visit one of these sites and ease your worries, or find out how to remove your credit concerns. With all of the information available online, your credit score should no longer remain a mystery. You can access your scores, the information that goes into calculating your ratings, and find out how to go about improving your scores with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Why not check out,, or now and find out how you stand?

“…Keeping a constant check on your credit rating is especially important for anyone thinking of making a large purchase, so if you are considering buying a home or a new vehicle, you need to make sure that your credit is in good standing so that you can qualify for a loan. With all of the available sources of government approved, free credit scores you can check your scores periodically over the course of the year. Do not wait until tax season or the holidays when you will need the money, keep track of your credit today…” added A. Lillo.

Further information about how to get a detailed credit report including scores and as often as you want by visiting;

Aurora Lillo runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

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The Free Annual Credit Report and Its Importance

The yearly summary of your annual personal credit report, the report which tells how the consumer is basically paying the companies to which he or she owes money, is a major factor to judge your credit worth. The annual credit report for every person is maintained by the financial institutions and the loan providing companies. The various companies include their outputs in the credit reports. These reports are a collective effort of the creditors or the landlords etc. who are a major part as loan providers. The annual personal credit score and report is the indicator of your borrowing habits throughout the year. The annual credit report for any person influences the creditors and the lenders to extend or cancel your loan.

There are lots of uses for which a personal credit report is maintained. The major uses of these reports are:

-By looking at the report, various companies decide the status of your coming loans. The companies decide whether to continue your loan or not. The report suggests the financial institutions about the risks that are involved if the finance group gives you a loan.

-If your existing lenders move away and do not provide you with the loans then finding other lenders can be a tough job if your annual credit report is not good.

-Credit cards also will turn more expensive for you if you are not able to maintain a good annual report. Sometimes a bad report or score would not allow you to access your credit card and even getting a new card would not be possible.

-Sometimes, renting a house would become even more difficult because some house owners check the credit report of the paying guests.

There are a few factors that you need to know so as to maintain your annual credit report and give it a good shape. Keep in mind that FICO system is considered by many financial banks and institutions. You need to maintain a good FICO score. To maintain a good credit score, these scores are required to maintain a good annual report. Keeping a regular check of your annual report can help you maintain a good report and scores.

Many financial institutions provide free credit check for your credit reports. These are provided to any person by these institutions so they can easily maintain their credit scores to a good level.

The importance of annual reports and scores are clear and these are required to you in stages when you need money the most, so also keep your payments on time. Never delay your payments to the lenders. Even your monthly installments and your loan repayments, be it monthly, yearly or quarterly must be paid well in time just to maintain goodwill and also a good annual credit report by a person.

So try and consult financial institutions and maintain a good credit report for your benefit.

To learn more about the free annual credit report and the importance of your credit score check out

Why a Paid Online Merchant Account is Better Than a Free Merchant Account?

Why a Paid Online Merchant Account is Better Than a Free Merchant Account?

An online merchant account is a specialized account with the bank that allows the merchant to accept online transactions using a credit or debit card. With several merchants opting for online businesses, presence of an online merchant account is fast becoming a necessity.

One important factor that determines the selection of a merchant service provider is the cost associated with a merchant account. These costs tend to differ from provider to provider and are usually high. Hence, many online business firms tend to be apprehensive about these accounts. In order to increase their business, merchant service providers or banks are always coming up with innovative business strategies. One such strategy is offering free merchant accounts. In this context, it is important to understand the differences between a paid merchant account and a free merchant.

A free merchant account is one where the merchant service provider doesn’t collect any membership charges from the merchant nor charge any setup fees. This means that the merchant need not pay anything in order to register with the merchant provider and receives the necessary payment gateway information and setup guide free of cost. Many merchants tend to have an impression that free merchant accounts are much better than a paid one. However, these accounts have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know about these before opting for a free account or a paid account.

In this world, nothing comes for free. If one is underpaying for something that needs to be compensated by overpaying for something else. The same is happening with free accounts. The only advantage of a free account is that the merchant gets the account without paying a single penny. However, the disadvantages are many. These include higher processing rates and chargeback rates that can cost much more than the costs incurred on a paid account. These high rates are charged by service providers so as to compensate the money lost due to free registration process.

One can easily determine the difference in charges by doing a simple comparison. For example, assume that the average costs on a free account levied by a merchant service provider for every online transaction is equal to .00 + 5% of the entire transaction amount. This means that if a customer has purchased an item worth 0, then the same is paid by the customer. However, the merchant doesn’t receive the entire amount. The service provider deducts the costs and deposits the remaining amount in the merchant’s account. Hence, for every 0 transaction, the merchant has to lose towards charges. As a result, he/she will get only (5% of transaction amount=.00 + .00=.00). In reality, service providers have been known to even charge rates as high as on free accounts. In contrast, charges on a commercial or paid account are much less. As a result, greater savings and higher profits seem to be possible through a paid account.

Another major disadvantage of a free account is lack of technical and customer service from the service provider. As a result, merchants have to compromise on the security and stability of the payment gateway and the transaction.

On the contrary, a paid account has all the advantages including lower processing rates and providing secured transaction gateways to the customers. Also, banks tend to offer rewards on transactions where paid accounts are being used. Free accounts usually don’t have any such offers.

Hence, one should choose an online merchant account depending on the requirements and needs of the business firm.

Todd I. Nelson is a senior relationship manager for Capital Merchant Solutions Inc. Additional resources about online merchant accounts can be found at

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Free annual credit report: track your financial transactions

One of the main reasons of your loan applications disapproval is your unfavourable credit scores. Your credit score plays very important role while availing for loan. In order to keep a check on your score and to maintain them, it is necessary for you to get your free annual credit report. You should get it on the regular basis so, you know about your credit standing in the financial market.

This credit report is been provided to you by three major credit agencies that is equifax, experian and transunion. While preparing your credit report they consider all your details like your personal details, current borrowings, defaults, etc. All these information are gathered in order to prepare your credit rating. This report also helps you to organize your finance efficiently and keep a check on your credit transactions.

It is advisable to check your credit report once in a year. You must take report from all of these major credit agencies as they make their reports on different parameters. In order to avail your report you just have to make a request to the bureau and they provide you the report.

You can get your personal copy of report by applying to credit reporting agencies. In order to get your credit you have to submit your personal details. You can also get this credit report through internet. There are numerous websites available, who can provide you the credit report. But if you are sending your data online, make sure the website you are viewing should be official.

Free yearly credit report helps you to keep a check on your credit standings in the market. By availing this report you can evaluate your credit conditions that can prevent you from bad credit report.

Stephen Lawson is a financial advisor and writes finance related articles for wwwfreeannualcreditreportcom. To find,, visit

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